June 3rd, 2008

Rights group pushing telecoms on data privacy

The Hungarian pressure group Társaság a Szabadságjogokért (TASZ, Company for Freedom Rights) has turned to the country’s Constitutional Court in hopes of voiding current law regulating how telephone and Internet companies handle their users’ personal data, Magyar Nemzet reports.

Ádám Földes, leader of the data protection program of TASZ, says that a provision which compels voice telephony ISPs to store data for one year – purportedly to aid the authorities in fighting crime – inappropriately allows for the “mapping” of users’ personal data.

These regulations, say TASZ, are unconstitutional, and violate individuals’ right to privacy, physical and psychological well-being, and freedom of speech and assembly.

In addition to the legal action, the group has organized public events drawing attention to the issue, including a recent demonstration on Budapest’s Moszkva tér.

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  • Arany Janos

    It appears that the All Hungary Media Group is entering a new era and changing its format.
    Perhaps a more professional approach centered around advertising revenue?
    Thanks to Erik D’Amato for providing a platform for us scribblers of all political persuasions to voice our opinions and, I hope the new version is a success with, or without, me! Ha, Ha!!

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