March 3rd, 2010

Fidesz announces plans for Budapest museum quarter

Once in power in Budapest, the main opposition Fidesz party plans to build a museum quarter around the area of the Nyugati (Western) Railway station over the next 15 years, the party’s candidate for mayor told national daily Nepszabadsag on Tuesday.

The mega-project would include turning the railway station, an Eiffel design, into a D’Orsay-type cultural hall, placing the Ethnography Museum in the area and constructing a brand-new Museum of Hungarian Modern Art, said Istvan Tarlos of Fidesz, a party tipped to form Hungary’s next government.

The plan also includes building a House of Europe for the countries on the continent, which would serve as a cultural-touristic-gastronomic centre with an exhibition and music hall and an information centre, Tarlos said.

The museum quarter is planned to stretch all the way to adjoin the area with the Fine Arts Museum and the Art Hall on Heroes’ Square in the railway station’s back.

The current government planned to establish a government quarter on the area in question but later on abandoned the area for financial reasons.


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