April 13th, 2010

Locals tee’d off over planned golf course near Budapest

Residents of the Pest County village of Páty recently staged a demonstration in front of the Spanish Embassy in Budapest, rallying against a planned golf course in their village and its investor, Grupo Milton, index.hu reports. The fifty protesters were from the citizen group “Páty is not for Sale.”

Independent representative of the local government, József Tollner, read a list of complaints by locals including the damaging effects they think the course would cause to the environment and those living in the village. Residents fear that local population would double as a result of the project. They also complained against the investor, as they believe it has no references.

A referendum was held earlier in the community, but it was declared invalid, and the local government voted for carrying out the investment.

  • Abácsi

    Perhaps a few Euros found their way into the pockets of local government? Not an uncommon practice in the Spanish property sector.

  • AholeinOne

    Those village idiots could learn to play golf if the project goes ahead. They could then offer their services as caddies, coaches, cleaners,ground staff and so on. This will also go someway to increasing their finances and wean them off state benefits?

  • http://www.allhungary.hu Erik

    Yeah, this is really one of the strangest “not in my backyard” protest movement I’ve ever heard of. I can only assume the whole thing is just a “shakedown” by people looking for a little payoff on the side for agreeing to the scheme. Which of course isn’t crazy, given that the politicians who approved it probably also got a little on the side for ramming it through.

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