February 8th, 2011

British Telecom creating hundreds of new jobs in Hungary

British Telecom (BT) Global Services will increase the number of employees at its Budapest and Debrecen call centers to 600, president of Customer Service Operations Rogier Bronsgeest has announced.

On his visit to Hungary, Bronsgeest said the number of emplyees at the Debrecen center would be increased from 60 to 220. He added the reason was a growing client circle.

Bronsgeest did not set a date for the expansion. [napi.hu]

  • http://www.centralbudapest.com Vándorló

    Another multinational exploiting Hungarians with employment, taking them off state benefits and depriving them of endless rest. Sickening.

  • BLT

    You have reached BT Customer Service.
    Please press 1 for a representative with a really bad Indian accent.
    Press 2 if you understand Hungarian.

  • http://www.forswitzerlandjobs.com Chris from For Switzerland Jobs

    In all serious whilst the other two comments are tongue in check, they have a point. BT has a really bad reputation for underpaying, over exploiting its customer service workers. Plus if you get hired you will be fielding calls from angry British customers of theirs who have just had 30% added to their bills for no real reason. Add to the fact various lawless youths are trying to burn their house down and the police are no where to be seen, I doubt it will be a fun filled day.

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