June 8th, 2012

Former Fidesz economy minister says government taking country in wrong direction


Hungary’s current Fidesz-led government steered the country in the wrong direction when it took office in 2010 despite the fact that its predecessor had helped it a great deal to improve its weak initial footing, former Fidesz economy minister Attila Chikán said at a conference earlier this week.

Chikán, who served as minister in 1998-1999 under the first administration of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, said the government has taken two years to realize that if it further pursues its “freedom fight” the consequences will be very serious. At the same time, he criticized the government for being unable to come out and admit this openly, and is still holding out hope for an unrealistic future.

Chickán urged the government to seek consensus with the opposition, although he admitted that he doesn’t really believe this could happen anytime soon. Despite its pledges, the government has failed to improve the lending prospects for lending to small and medium-sized industries, while the country continues to trail in research and development.

  • Deamocrat

    ….as we have been saying for some time now.

  • Art€

    Here, here!!!!

  • Cnut

    Well, I hope someone has already pushed him off the Közgép gravy train. We have to purge the party of the counter-revolutionary infiltrators, like him. Orange communism will success if we all just really hope enough.

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