June 12th, 2012

Employer association welcomes minimum wage cut

Establishing a lower minimum wage requirement for career starters, who have no skills or work experience, might help tens of thousands of young people to get a job, Ferenc Dávid of employer association VOSZ said.

VOSZ will support the initiative if it is fair and supported with feasibility calculations, Dávid added.

  • Democrat

    So then we will have three “minimum” wage levels!!!!! BTW for how long does a starter have no work experience? Let’s have one, low minimum wage for all. Simple, unambiguous, easy to administer etc. Sorry, forgot we are in Hungary. It has to be complicated and always subject to change.

  • Erik D’Amato

    Yeah, the constant change is a feature, not a bug.

  • Focus on the bigger picture

    Somethings are now genobureaucraticly status quo from the old systems. i.e.-the stamp for a stamp for a stamp……
    And, don’t forget, the stamp changes with each new incomer.
    Trouble is that the it’s the same old stamp pad that keeps getting hammered.

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