June 13th, 2012

Gov’t reportedly plans revival of Hungarian national airlines next year

The government plans to register a new national airline before the end of this year and it is likely to be launched next year, daily Magyar Hirlap said on Wednesday quoting unnamed sources.

It is now certain that two of bankrupt carrier Malev’s subsidiaries will be rescued which also suggests that a new airline will be launched, the paper said.

Malev Ground Handling has already informed its employees that management expects a change of ownership to be completed within days. This will result in capital increase at the company which will secure the resources necessary to pay the costs of staff cuts.

The Hungarian National Asset Management Agency is likely to be the new owner.

After 66 years of nearly continuous operation, Malev grounded all its flights on February 3, 2012. The air company is currently under liquidation.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, yeah, next year, just as the economy picks-up. I guess the poor Turks at Celebei are just waiting for the call to tell them that their contract is being cancelled on a technicality.

  • Alfredo Garcia

    I can hear the rumbling of lawsuits coming this way.

  • Michael O’Leary

    I’ll be pretty amazed if this happens. One way or another, any such move will surely run foul of EU rules against state support to airlines, which got us into this mess in the first place. Every airline which has filled the slots left behind by Malev will be sharpening their weapons at this news. The only remaining slots are the ones to the non-EU countries where there were bilateral agreements, but commercial airlines are already bidding to take these over.

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