June 22nd, 2012

EU frowns on tax exemption for pálinka


The European Commission yesterday asked Hungary to change its regulation that gives a full excise tax exemption to those who brew pálinka for personal use. EU legislation allows a 50% tax allowance, but Hungary grants a 100% exemption to distillers who produce no more than 50 litres of fruit brandy a year.

On another issue, the EU has told Hungary to ban the use of traditional hen cages.

If Hungary does not harmonise these rules with EU norms, then the EU could refer the cases to the European Court of Justice.

  • wolfi

    OMG, they want to rob Hungarians of the last thing they excel in!

    No more free pálinka brewing – when we go back to Hungary we’ll find all of our neighbours in tears …

  • Rabbi Sholomon

    What, ban our traditional Hungarian hen cages? Let’s kick out that dirty EU.

  • Ironjack

    This is outrageous!!!! I am 100% on the Hungarian side for this one. palinka is the ultimate bastion of Hungarian pride ,tradition and a cornerstone to their culture.The EU should fuck off and mind their own business regarding this matter. Hungarians have all the right to produce whatever the fuck they want on their land and drown in Palinka if they want to.

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