June 22nd, 2012

Ranking shows Hungary most attractive investment location in East Europe


Hungary is the most attractive country in Eastern Europe in which to invest, according to a fresh ranking by Site Selection magazine, the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) said on Thursday.Hungary was at the top of country list for Eastern Europe in the magazine’s “Best-to-Invest” ranking, ahead of Poland, Slovakia, Estonia and the Czech Republic.

The rankings were based in equal part on new and expanded facilities announced in 2011 and on business environment, business risks, foreign direct investment and infrastructure.

  • Rabbi Sholomon

    Haha, I have to check out this Site Selection, sounds like a great humourous publication.
    That, or they are benefitting from “Hungarian direct investment”…

  • Democrat

    I checked the site. There is indeed an article stating that Hungary is top. The note under the article states as follows…”This investment profile was prepared under the auspices of ITD Hungary.”.

    I would guess that ITDH have paid for the publication. In any case it is a shoddy piece of reporting by MTI as usual.

    • sheesh

      that’s a May 2010 article you’re looking at

  • Anonymous

    The article says, “The national Investment Promotion Agencies recognized here were particularly successful in 2010 at attracting capital investment projects — both expansions of existing facilities and new projects — from investors at home and abroad.”

    That could very well be true; Hungary’s government has done a pretty good job of attracting manufacturing to Hungary, assisted, of course, by the low forint. What the article doesn’t say is how many businesses have pulled out their investments, or how many proposed or planned investments were scrapped because of the government’s actions. Besides, the successful countries of the region have lower unemployment and are relatively saturated when it comes to investment opportunities, so many manufacturers like to go to the countries that REALLY want them, and are willing to give them inducements and other blandishments, while having a workforce that is desperate to do any kind of work, rather than having to move abroad.

  • Adam Jones-Kelley

    These rankings are independantly compiled. No one has paid Site Selection in any fashion. The criteria, compiled in partnership with FDI advisory Investment Consulting Associates (ICA) and LocationSelector.com out of Amsterdam.

    The national Best to Invest rankings are determined 50 percent by LocationSelector.com-supplied analysis in these categories — business environment, business risks, foreign direct investment and infrastructure; and 50 percent by new and expanded facilities announced in 2011 and tracked by Site Selection publisher Conway Data Inc.’s (CDI) New Plant Database.

    Site Selection magazine has been published for 58 years and is recognized as the top publication focused on Foreign Direct Investment and corporate expansion. The plain simple truth is that Hungary has done a good job of attracting new manufacturing projects and creating jobs. Note that they were ranked #1 in EASTERN EUROPE alone.

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