June 25th, 2012

Retails sales in Hungary down almost 3% so far in 2012

Retail sales in Hungary fell a calendar year-adjusted 2.7pc year-on-year in March, after rising 0.9pc in the previous month, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) said on Monday.

Retail sales fell, in a year-on-year comparison, in four of the twelve months to the end of April. In the other months, growth was under 1pc, with the exception of the run-up to the Christmas holiday.

Adjusted for calendar year and seaonal effects, retail sales were down 1.0pc in April from the same month a year earlier.

January-April retail sales were down 0.0.7pc from a year earlier.

2011 retail sales were up by a calendar-adjusted 0.2pc from 2010, rising the first time since 2006.

In nominal terms, retail sales were worth HUF 675.9bn in April, up from HUF 645.1bn in March, and up from HUF 646.7bn a year earlier.

Sales of shops selling food, drink and tobacco fell a calendar-adjusted 1.8pc in twelve months in the first yr/yr decline since last July. They were down a seasonally and calendar-adjusted 1.0pc from March after slight monthly increases in the previous three months.

Sales of non-food products fell 3.6pc yr/yr and 1.2pc on the month, the adjusted figures show. Except for a drop in February, they were up yr/yr since last August. In a monthly comparison non-food retail sales rose 0.8pc in March but fell in January and February.

Within non-food sales, furniture and electrical good sales fell the most steeply, by 10.8pc in twelve months and 2.4pc in a month, followed by pharmaceuticals and medical goods the sales of which fell 8.5pc yr/yr and 1.8pc in a month in April.

Car and car part sales, which, in line with EU methodology, are not part of the retail statistics, were down 3.2pc yr/yr in April and fell 3.0pc yr/yr in the first four months, KSH reported, noting high fuel prices. Car and car part sales declined for the first time since last September. 2011 car and car part sales were down 4.5pc from 2010.


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