June 29th, 2012

2013 tax changes leave even more in pockets of higher wage earners in Hungary


Wage earners in Hungary taking home at least HUF 202,000 a month gross will see their net salaries increase by almost 5% from 2013 with the the phasing out of a system of “supergrossing” – a.k.a szuperbruttó. As of 2010, social contributions paid by employers became taxable, which means wage earners have paid taxes on HUF 127 for every HUF 100 they earned.

The changes came alongside a move to a flat personal income tax, which saw take-home pay for higher earners leap, while those on the lower end of the income scale saw their paychecks cut – which in turn led to a move by the government to pressure employers into giving raises to those on smaller salaries.

As a result of the 2013 phase-out, wage earners with HUF 250,000 gross per month will make HUF 24,000 more a year. Employees with HUF 500,000 will earn HUF 154,800 more, while those earning HUF 1 million a month will take home HUF 414,000 more a year. [penzcentrum.hu]

  • wolfi

    Even more stealing from the poor to give to the rich – lovely …

    Or rather unbelievable – are the Hungarian sheep aka Fidesz voters really so stupid that they won’t realise what’s happening ?

  • Palánta

    OK, since I’m in the category that benefits from this, I can’t complain. But to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t mind paying the rate of tax I’m paying at the moment, if it translated into cleaner streets, better police, better schools, etc. I’m not some kind of got-mine-get-yours pea-brain republican. And Fidesz certainly hasn’t bought my vote. Putting more money in my pocket has not blinded me to the fact that they are working toward setting up an absolutist state.

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