July 20th, 2012

Quotable: János Martonyi on what the government can do to reassure foreign investors

“When the world and Europe are uncertain and unpredictable, it is especially important [for the government] to provide predictability, transparency and trust.”

Hungarian Foreign Minister János Martonyi, speaking at this week's meeting of the Hungarian European Business Council, a grouping of the largest foreign firms operating in the country. Martonyi said the government and such firms have many shared goals, which he listed as boosting the economy, creating jobs, reducing public debt, keeping fiscal discipline, increasing competitiveness, and improving the country's image and reputation.
  • wolfi

    “predictability, transparency and trust”

    Yes , it’s very transparent that we can trust in the unpredictability of the Hungarian government …

    A new law a day or a new tax a day – So nobody can even keep up with the way they’re changing the rules …

    I’ve heard several acquaintances complaining about that – the day you’ve thought it through how to manage the new rules is the day the rules are changed again …

  • JD

    I just find it amazing that he states the requirement for the three very things the Hungarian government lacks the most, predictability, transparency and trust.

    He couldn’t have identified the Hungarian government’s shortfalls any better.


  • Democrat

    Poor old Janos is caught in a trap between being an intelligent man and an OV lapdog. Occasionally he lets slip with a gem like this, but just try to imagine the looks he would get if he suggested in Cabinet that Hungary fell short on any of these measures.

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