August 1st, 2012

Hungary tax authority unveils this year’s list of biggest tax dodgers


Budapest-based company Freedom 2005 tops the second-quarter list of companies and individuals with the highest outstanding tax bills, published on the website of the tax authority NAV. The company owes Ft 2.8 billion in taxes. The highest claim against an individual was Ft 370 million.

The NAV is owed Ft 10.9 billion of principal plus Ft 9.2 billion in interest from companies and individuals on the list, less than in the previous quarter.

Businesses and individuals must owe at least Ft 10 million to qualify for the list.

  • Rolrox

    How about last year’s results and their resolution? How many paid up? How many are increasing their indebtedness? How many turned out to have been falsely accused?

    • ricsi

      How many turned out to be Zsidesz friends ??,

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