August 2nd, 2012

Europe copying Hungary economic policies, says gov’t spokesman

Hungary’s unorthodox economic policies are now spreading across the European Union, government spokesman Andras Giro-Szasz said on television on Thursday morning.

Speaking on commercial channels TV2 and ATV, the spokesman mentioned France as an example where a financial transactions tax twice as high as in Hungary has been introduced, and Slovakia with its new special taxes as another.

Giro-Szasz added that other countries have also realised that pre-2008 solutions of crisis management are no longer practicable and new ways need to be indentified.

Concerning recent legislation rolling out the transactions tax to the National Bank of Hungary, the spokesman did not exclude the possibility of changing the rules, but warned that related tax revenues were necessary for the government’s job protection programme designed to assist 1.5 million employees.

  • WHAT!!!

    hmmmm, my experience is that nobody pays tax in Hungary…

  • Democrat

    This is the typical dis-information process at work once again. The tax in France relates to share and CDS purchases and not to your granny paying her electricity bill or the regular purchase of supplies by businesses or the transfer of wages. Honestly, these lying idiots should be brought to account for misleading the public in such a blatent way.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you to write it !
      The problem is that plenty of people will believe those lies und spread them, without challenging them. That the way myths are created…

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