August 31st, 2012

Brussels warns Hungary about plan to nationalize public services


The European Union considers nationalisation as a violation of the basic treaty and this may thwart Hungary’s plans to draw public services in state ownership, daily Nepszabadsag said on Friday. The European Commission has warned Hungary that the amendment of legislation on waste management may result in an infringement procedure. Serious objections have been raised by the EC, primarily about the plan to nationalise waste management effective 2013 and pushing private companies out of the sector without compensation, the paper said.

Nepszabadsag has acquired a letter sent by the EC which asks the government to provide a detailed explanation of the reasons justifying the amendment of the law on waste management and steps to restrain markets. It also asked for a list of the affected companies, feasibility studies on the environment and the economy, as well as detailed calculations about ways to compensate those affected.

According to Nepszabadsag, the government expects a “full-scale attack” in connection with further plans to nationalise public services.

  • Gabor

    In 1949,the Hungarian communist regime nationalised all the existing private companies and their assets. A wave of terror was launched.
    In 2012, the Hungarian Fidesz regime plans to do the same. When will the Hungarians start to see that Orban is just Rákosi in disguise?!

    • Rolrox

      Are you saying that Orban is planning a wave of terror? How do you conclude that?

  • Anonymous

    “the government expects a “full-scale attack””….but only two days ago a minister was saying that there would be no big international issues this autumn!! Just can’t resist a fight can they.

  • Hakuna Matata

    \The European Union considers nationalisation as a violation of the basic treaty\

    Eh, wasn’t the luncheon voucher nationalized a year ago?

    • Rolrox

      The government launched its own voucher. Which by the way, isn’t universally accepted. It was a way for the gov’t to defer paying gov’t employees. Funny experience I’ve had is that these Erzsebet vouchers ink runs off, so about 2% of what I have, has become worthless – and trying to get them replaced is a pain.

  • American in Budapest

    No, the luncheon voucher was not \nationalized\. Only companies can be nationalized. The EU has an infringement procedure against Hungary because it is discriminating against foreign companies that are potential recipients of these vouchers.

  • Mark

    Clearly, economically speaking Orban is firmly on the left… an old school economic socialist, believing in a big corporatist state. So how the hell can Fidesz be described as a centre right party? We need to redifine this and ultimatly there needs to be a realignment in Hungarian politics between those on the economic left i.e Fidesz (economically left, socially conservtive) and the Mszp (economically left, socially liberal) and a new economically liberal centre right party adhering to policies of smaller government.

  • Gabor

    Orban is just a wannabe dictator who wants to fill his pockets asap. Don’t look for any logic in his deeds – the only thing that counts is money. All the rest is crap he needs to keep the poor Hungarians from revolting against his criminal acts.

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